Photojournalism has become an impetus of documentation that incessantly builds our history with the unique characteristics of tragedy and hope. Words are not always the best support for the explanation of experience, sometimes photographs are imperative to aid in conveying circumstances and scenarios that would otherwise be lost in words. Capturing a moment in time allows an audience to see exactly what is occurring with the very helpful presence of proof. We love to see, visualize, and interpret images that define a culture, that define a society, that define us as individuals because we as a human civilization are always inflamed with curiosity. “The unexamined life is not worth living,” and what better way to inspire others than by the expressive use of photojournalism.

Despite its controversial presence, photojournalism has been a world-wide leader in news, presenting the public with subject matter that would be regretfully unnoticed if not allowed the opportunity to be documented or presented. The content of photographs are not always meant to dictate opinions, but to accommodate viewers when forming their own thoughts. Until words dominate what we distribute as history, photographs will be utilized to enable inspiration and change among the many minds everywhere.

All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice.

~Elliot Erwitt

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Having the experience of working with 3D and 2D materials has contributed to the technical aspects both genres encompass and allows me as an artist to exhibit a variety of skills in different media. Although my expertise lie within the photographic realm, my portfolio will also consist of sculptures, drawings, paintings, prints, ceramics, and design pieces that will show a progressive growth in craftsmanship, aesthetic ability, and overall artistry.